Sunday, July 14, 2013

Series: Building a 3D printer from 0 knowledge

Hey all, its been a while and I just wanted to let you know what I am starting on...

1 (Pan & Tilt update). My camera pan and tilt project is coming along well. Right now I am sourcing parts for the second (and hopefully final) prototype. I have been talking with some people at SeeMeCNC's forums about motor dampers in particular. I want this bot to run as quiet as possible, so I can use it for live, motion controlled video. However I have not had shop time so I have not gotten to machining new pieces for it.

2. As I said, I've been spending some time on the SeeMee CNC forums. It's a site dedicated mostly to 3D printers (and a few CNCs I think). Because I've spent so much time on the site, I REALLY want a 3D printer. Like really bad. Like a lot. So much. So, as of this week I have decided to start on an endeavor to build myself a 3D printer. Thing is, I have no knowledge of 3D printer design or anything. So I will be updating frequently telling all of you what I am learning designing my own system!


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